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Öhlins suspension systems - the choice of the elite

When looking to improve the suspension on a motorcycle, where should a rider look for recommendations? A friend or mechanic, or both? Perhaps it would be wise to take a lead from the very best.

At the top of the motorcycle racing tree are the MotoGP bikes, capable of speeds in excess of 200mph and generating up to 240bhp. For the 2010 season, every bike on the grid chose to use Öhlins suspension systems.

P&H Motorcycles is an official Öhlins centre, supplying, fitting and servicing Öhlins motorcycle accessories to ensure that bikes are always performing at their optimum level. The highly-trained staff at P&H Motorcycles are experts when it comes to suspension, and with direct contact to the Öhlins factory in Sweden, they are ready and willing to answer any questions relating to the firm's products.

Over 30 years of expertise

Öhlins Racing AB has been providing high-quality shock absorbers since 1976, having recognised that no one shock absorber is suitable for the needs of all motorcycle enthusiasts.

So the range of Öhlins suspension systems has been developed over many years to suit the acute needs of everyone - from enduro and sport racers to the casual cruiser.

Each set of Öhlins dampers is technically advanced with the highest respect given to performance, quality, safety and reliability.

Racing, Motocross, Enduro

Racing has been the cornerstone of Öhlins' work since its inception. Working tirelessly with the biggest names in sport, the firm has developed the technology to satisfy the highly-demanding world of motorcycle racing.

It is the technological advancements at the very highest level that allow Öhlins to produce quality products for everyday road bikes.

While track racing is all about the finer details, motocross and enduro suspension is all about the big hits. Riders in these sports put their bikes under incredible stresses, and their safety relies on the durability and endurance of their shock absorbers.

Öhlins forks and dampers have been honed over the years to take the biggest jolts that motocross courses can throw up, while also providing stability to allow riders to carry speed through faster corners.

Dual sport

Dual sport is the realm of the committed amateur. Keen to take the bike off-road and race it through the trees and across the countryside, the dual sport rider also needs to be able to take to the road again afterwards.

Essentially needing two shocks in one, Öhlins suspension systems are tailor-made to the individual dual sport bike, ensuring that it can be adjusted by the rider to take the bigger hits and stiffen up for the long ride home.


Öhlins suspension systems are not all about high speed and big impacts. The firm also specialises in making motorcycle accessories that suit cruiser bikes owned by more laid-back enthusiasts.

Yet even cruiser bikes present their own problems - every shock absorber needs to perform while working in the restricted space available in lowered bikes. In addition, they need to fit in with the overall aesthetic of the machine.

Öhlins dampers and forks for cruiser bikes therefore come with a customisable design, to allow the rider to get the best motorcycle accessories available without compromising on the bike's look.

Ohlin's has the answer

So whatever a rider's need, whether they like to jump around in the mud, corner at breakneck speed or glide down the road with the sun on their face, Öhlins suspension systems can provide just the right product. P&H Motorcycles, an official Öhlins centre, caters for all a biker's suspension needs and will be on hand to give advice and servicing throughout the life of the product.