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Öhlins - the premium suspension brand

P&H Motorcycles is an official Ohlins centre, meaning we provide high-quality Ohlins suspension systems, along with technical advice and servicing throughout the life of the product.

Ohlins was formed in Sweden in 1976, and has quickly become the most respected name in the motorcycle suspension world.

As an official Ohlins centre, P&H Motorcycles has direct contact with experts at the company's headquarters, ensuring that we are always up-to-date with the latest technical information and forthcoming innovations the brand has to offer.

Ohlins forks and shocks - suspension for every style and pocket

Ohlins produces the most advanced forks and shock absorbers on the market, ensuring that all styles of motorcycle riding - from cruising to motocross and touring to sports bikes - are catered for with their products.

They are also specifically designed to suit the nuances of each and every bike, so no matter which manufacturer you use, Ohlins has a solution that will improve the bike's feeling and performance.

Yet all this doesn't necessarily mean that Ohlins suspension systems will be financially out of reach for most riders.

The Swedish firm understands the current economic climate, and has developed ways to ensure that their suspension systems are not as expensive as one might expect.

Ohlins - high quality at a lower price

The latest products produced by Ohlins look to offer riders with a more modest budget the chance to experience the very best suspension systems available.

A new range of "cost-conscious" Ohlins forks and Ohlins shock absorbers have been released by the Swedish manufacturer, primarily to help naked bike owners to customise their pride and joy.

This means that no matter what a rider's budget, they can have a set of gold Ohlins forks shining from the front of their bike, providing high levels of control and balance through the corners, while the rear shock ensures a comfortable ride.

Ohlins claims that it has been able to introduce this technology for a new lower price thanks to its years of working with MotoGP teams.

The company's dedication to improvement equates to ever-evolving techniques which allow the quality and innovation to trickle down to entry level stock.

Ohlins in MotoGP

Ohlins has been involved in the world of motorcycle racing since its inception, and the sport remains a key part of its corporate philosophy.

Its commitment is demonstrated by the 30 staff it has dedicated to deliver first-class suspension advice 365 days a year.

The most prestigious racing teams on the MotoGP grid even have dedicated Ohlins staff on their team for every test, practice session and race throughout the season, to ensure that their Ohlins suspension systems are always tuned to perfection.

So fundamental is the suspension system to a motorcycle that these Ohlins staff will find themselves deeply involved in the design process, in order to supply the right forks and shock absorbers to maximise the bike's potential.

All the bikes on the MotoGP grid use Ohlins suspension - an indication of how highly the Swedish brand is regarded in racing circles.

Ohlins at P&H Motorcycles

So it is clear that Ohlins forks and shock absorbers will suit any rider's style and will complement any bike, thanks to years of experience gained through working with, and eventually becoming, the best in the business.

P&H Motorcycles seeks to align these quality Ohlins products with service of a similar standard - always on hand to make sure that the customer's experience when having their bike upgraded is as smooth as the ride home.