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Öhlins 30mm Cartridge Kit

The Road & Track front fork cartridge kit from Öhlins is based on experience gained from World Supersport and Superstock championships. It doesn’t matter if you are heading for a National Roadracing title or if you are taking your bike to the local race track. the cartridge kit will give you loads of performance, stable damping characteristics and fantastic comfort.

The cartridge system fits bolt on and is easy to install in most standard hypersport front forks.

Ohlins 30mm Replacement Cartridge Kit


  • Rebound, compression and spring load adjusters.
  • Easy to change settings for individual preferences.
  • Optional springs available.

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Ohlins Cartridge Kit - what are its features?

Ohlins is a master of suspension - and this 30mm Ohlins Cartridge Kit is certain not to disappoint.

Simple to fit in most hypersport front forks, it's perfect for racers everywhere, whether you take part in national heats or if you just enjoy speeding around the local track.

Experiences at the World Superstock and Supersport championships influenced the design of the Ohlins Cartridge Kit, which offers incomparable performance and comfort, as well as stable damping characteristics.

Boasting easy to change settings and rebound, compression and spring load adjusters, the Ohlins Cartridge Kit also has the option of additional springs.

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