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Öhlins TTX44 MKII Shock Absorber

The TTX44 is built especially for championship riders, but serious private riders can of course lay their hands on this masterpiece from the R&D department at Öhlins, through the Öhlins distributor network. For 2012 it’s upgraded and launched in a new MK II version.

Motocross and Enduro is the ultimate test for the R&d department with the roughest and toughest conditions possible. It’s close to the heart of Öhlins and it’s where it all started, that is why Öhlins is serious about it.

The 2012 MK II version is improved in all areas and even easier to adjust and fine tune to find that perfect setting for the track. The performance is improved, the piston rod bleed valve has been redesigned for an improved flow and both compression and rebound side check valves are improved. A new flow pattern for the cylinder head is introduced and all these changes have significantly improved the tyre feeling.

The rebound side check valve has been moved to the bottom of the cylinder tube which means better function with a smaller amount of oil pressurized during rebound stroke.

The TTX44 MKII can also be upgraded with a dual spring kit and with a racing kit; new piston and piston ring. but it’s still based on the successful 2011 TX44, of course with Öhlins latest patented TTX technology.

Ohlins TTX44 MKII Shock Absorber


  • Twin Tube design
  • TTX technology with no cavitation risk
  • External and improved compression and rebound adjusters
  • An added three level HSC adjuster
  • Redesigned piston rod bleed valve
  • Available with a dual spring kit
  • Racing kit with new piston and piston ring as an option
  • Available for all major MX and Enduro models

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