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Öhlins TTX44 Off Road Shock Absorber

The TTX44 is built especially for championship riders but serious private riders can of course lay their hands on this masterpiece from the R&D department at Öhlins through the Öhlins distributor network.

Motocross is the ultimate test for the R&D department with the roughest and toughest conditions. To achieve the very best performance of this new shock absorber, one more thrilling feature has been added... the brand new CSC (Chassis Stability Control) technology.

The CSC function enables the rider to set up the bike for different track conditions. The chassis is tuned with the low speed movements which are controlled via the CSC valve.

NOTE! The CSC function is not to be mixed up with the rebound and compression adjusters that determine the exact feature of the damper depending on weight, comfort and riding technique.

Ohlins TTX44 Off Road Shock


  • New valves for more consistent and improved dynamic behaviour.
  • New main piston for improved performance.
  • New adjusters for easier adjustments.
  • Compression and Rebound damping adjusters.
  • CSC Technology.
  • Twin tube design.
  • 16mm shaft.
  • Optional titanium lightweight spring.

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