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Alvaro Bautista on the pace in Malaysia

Article posted: 03/02/2011 11:57:44
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Alvaro Bautista is now the only Suzuki rider in MotoGPAlvaro Bautista is now the only Suzuki rider in MotoGP

Suzuki rider Alvaro Bautista's performance since putting on his motorcycle leathers at the MotoGP test in Malaysia has been a surprise to many.

The Japanese manufacturer has struggled in recent years, with two fifth-place finishes last season being heralded as successes, while the team usually struggles to make the top ten.

Suzuki's commitment to the series seemed to be waning as the manufacturer chose to run just one bike this year.

However, Bautista was out on track in his motorcycle clothing and showing a great deal of speed.

Despite testing a new engine and new parts, including Ohlins forks, Bautista managed to go faster than he did during qualifying at the track last season.

"I am very happy with the developments Suzuki has made, and I'm enjoying myself – I think we can have some fun this season!" he said.

Bautista tested three new chassis as well, as he completed a total of 63 laps throughout the day.

Posted by Paul Searle