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Ohlins 30mm Fork Cartridge Kits, designed for easy adjustment and maintenance

Article posted: 21/06/2010 17:02:00
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Ohlins NEW 30mm Cartridge KitOhlins NEW 30mm Cartridge Kit
Öhlins Racing UK introduces 30mm fork cartridge kit conversions for roadbikes, Supersport and Superstock race machines. These kits offer similar levels of performance to an expensive pressurised system and are far easier to service, set-up and adjust.

It doesn't matter if you are aiming for a Superstock championship title, heading for a trackday or simply taking your bike out on the roads, the new Öhlins 30mm cartridge kit is the performance upgrade sportsbike riders have been looking for. The lightweight and incredibly functional design was developed in World Supersport and Superstock championships to provide high performance, stable damping characteristics and fantastic comfort for sportsbikes. Racer feedback has also shown that the 30mm kits offer outstanding 'feel' in wet and mixed conditions.

The sophisticated yet clever design not only improves the performance of original equipment forks but simplifies their fundamental layout with compression damping on the left fork leg and rebound damping on the right leg. Adjustments are made to both compression and rebound at the top of each fork leg ¬- including the spring preload. This allows race teams, trackdayers and road riders alike to make adjustments, for example from wet to dry settings, in a matter of seconds.

Quality and performance are still implicit in this technologically advanced Öhlins component which targets race teams operating within tight rules governing non-standard parts, as well as track and road riders wanting more from their original equipment forks. The easy to install kits are hugely accessible and slot straight in most standard sportsbike front forks.

The clever design is also remarkably straightforward in operation. Instead of settling on a pressurized system the Öhlins research and development team designed a sealed, one cylinder piston chamber which prevents oil escaping anywhere but through the shim stack on the piston when compressed. This solution turned out to be a real jackpot as the whole cartridge gives immediate response as the powerful 30mm piston generates optimal pressure all the way through the damping stroke.

Chris Witter, Job Title, Öhlins Racing UK commented, "The 30mm cartridge kits have been very popular and successful with Superstock and Supersport teams and we feel that track day and road riders will really feel their benefit in terms of low maintenance and easy adjustment. We are very confident in these kits and look forward to ongoing customer feedback, which is all part of the R+D cycle for future Öhlins products."

Öhlins products are available through a newly appointed network of specialist Öhlins Centres. These Centres are; BG Motorsport, Crescent Motorcycles, Dixon Racing Technology, FTR Suspension, Harris Performance Products Ltd, Kais Suspension Services, MH Racing Services, Mick Gardner Racing, P&H Motorcycles and Pro-Link Racing Services (N.I) .


  • Rebound, compression and spring load adjusters.
  • Easy to change settings for individual preferences.
  • Wide range of spring rates available in the 08790-series
  • Easy installation and service
  • NB: This new Cartridge Kit is delivered without springs. The 08790-series of springs has to be ordered separately to suit customer's choice of spring rate.

For more info on the full line-up of Ohlins products visit www.ohlins.com or talk to our Parts Team

Posted by Paul Searle